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Globalizing Your Potential

We want to empower you to become an independent, community shifter who enjoys learning and finding successful outcomes for social change.

Our leadership team works with individuals worldwide to assist in establishing and nurturing sustainable environments, grounded in practices that extend beyond the limits of the traditional models. We expand our comprehensive services in respect for culture and heritage while continuing to update our techniques for 21st century global thinking.

Our service goal is to collaboratively work for our clients, ensuring they receive the support and strategies necessary for their overall success – academically, socially, emotionally and creatively – to build a true citizen of the modern world.

We offer a variety of partnership structures based on the type of deliverables we will provide, including daily work-for-hire, monthly retainers, commission, or a combination of some or all of these. As we work primarily with entrepreneurs and grassroots organization, we are dedicated to developing creative compensation structures to ensure that risk and reward are spread evenly between us and our clients.


Full STEAM Ahead!

STEM to STEAM is an initiative which is picking up momentum both nationally and internationally with the focus being placed on adding Art and Design to the agenda of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education and research. The sole purpose of this initiative is to foster holistic development and true innovation that comes from combining the mind and soul of a scientist with that of an artist or designer. STEAM teaches young adults, ages 14-25, through activism and hands-on community engagement how to understand and contribute to the safety and development of their respective neighborhoods. Art integrated with STEM education illustrates the importance of taking risk, having an open perspective, and a stellar imagination to address some of today's world crisis.

While some believe you are "too young" or "too old" to contribute to society, this belief has restricted many from fully engaging in life. Through the Arts, we seek to promote life to the fullest and add perspective to those conversations and social changes needed to positively impact the world. 

See our new initiative You Artistry Collaborative  and see how we are encouraging young adults through mentorship and community engagement to make a LOUD statement! 

More to come on this project!

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