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We are a small collective of experts who learned early in life the value of working in a team, planning projects, and solving difficult problems. We function organically as a social enterprise, bringing years of community service and our respective professional practices to produce a successful outcome for your personalized portfolio or corporate structure.


Nontraditional is not a word we incorporate in our processes so we actively promote the out-of-the-box lifestyle and take risks to create the change you seek to remain current and ahead of the curve.


We build a solid foundation that encompasses you and the need to maximize social impact by applying profitable strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being for external shareholders.


Sustainability is key so we promote, encourage, and make social change our priority.


We offer you a competitive edge to inspire and disrupt society’s version of "normal" with an extensive track record in diverse industries; fully engaging theory to practical experiences without losing the uniqueness of your foundation. 


Our passion for networking empowers our intergenerational perspective to infuse scholarship with experiential learning exclusively crafted to intersect your creativity with change, reinforcing a better you and a better world.


About Our Founder


Lecturer, inspirational speaker, and educational strategist with non-conventional techniques to better equip you with a global perspective. Angela M. Mosley specializes as an experienced facilitator to connect and advocate through the Arts, Education, and Activism. Angela holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Visual Arts and a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Iowa State University, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Art Aesthetics, Theory and Philosophy from IDSVA. Her passion is in connecting people from different walks of life to professionally network and create innovative solutions to their unique challenges. She balances her time stateside and overseas as a performing artist with advocacy on human-centered community engagement through the lens of Entrepreneurship, Artivism, Economic Development, Civic Engagement, and Social Justice.

Bringing over 23 years of experience in community facilitating and programming, Angela addresses diversity from a creative perspective for global leadership across generations. Her services delve into multicultural training and organizational management for community leaders with strengths in needs assessment, project planning, and human capital development. Angela’s guided mission is to value nontraditional learning with a creative edge. 


Some of her clients and collaborative projects include work with the United States Marine Corps, Best Buy Co. Inc., the Georgia Hispanic American Institute,, The Coney Group, ACT, Tye Johnson Artistry, the Iowa City School District, After School Matters in Chicago, Kinetic Vibez, and other professional organizations. She has presented at conferences nationally and internationally on the characteristics of a global leader, diverse retention practices, immigration/refugee family enrichment, and purposeful networking. 

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